“To expand the horizons of your utmost destiny you have to venture beyond the confines of fear, doubt and negativity.”
― Anthon St. Maarten

God is leading us to a realm of closeness with Him. He has marvelous blessings in store for us as His children but we must expand our ability to accept them. Through our moments of intimacy with God, our capacity to receive His abundant blessings should grow.

When our faith grows, so does the opportunity for blessings to come our way. The extent of what we are able to receive is determined by our own actions. If we are encouraged to increase our faith in order to receive something, it is because there is a greater plan in store for us that surpass our current understanding. In order to receive these blessings, we must expand our faith and broaden our perspectives. I am confident that we are currently in a period where God has incredible things in store for us – those who are open to it will be able to receive these blessings by strengthening their faith.

Unfortunately, there will be some who will overlook this message and dismiss it as something they have heard before. This is what makes some of us to remain stagnant and miss out on the blessings that could have been for us.

Let us not fall into that category. It is important to remember that God can only provide us with what we are capable of accepting. Just like the widow woman in the Bible, we must be prepared to receive the abundance that is waiting for us.

In the passage from 2 Kings 4:2-6, Elisha asks the woman what she has in her house and she replies that she only has a jar of oil.

Elisha then instructs her to borrow empty vessels from her neighbours and pour the oil into them. The woman followed his instructions and as long as she has more containers to hold the oil, it continued to flow. However, when she runs out of containers, the oil ceased. This story teaches us that our faith operates in a similar way.

Just like the woman’s capacity to receive more oil was determined by the number of containers she had, our faith receives and produces according to its capacity. When we increase our faith, we also increase our ability to receive and experience the blessings and provisions of God.

You may be asking; how do I increase my faith? Let’s look at Romans 4:16-21; Abraham could be said to be dead in his body…maybe “weak” would be a better word to use, considering his age and considering the deadness of Sarah’s womb…if there is any other word after menopause, it could have been used for Sarah.

Despite all, Abraham did not waver at what God promised him. He never allowed doubt and unbelief to becloud his trust in God. Faith played a big role in his thought. This scripture shows us how God works.

First, He speaks of things that are not as though they are. We are called to speak out the word of God even in the face of impossibilities. Instead of focusing on the current situation, we are to declare what is not as though it already exists.

Second, Abraham held onto hope even when there seemed to be no reason to believe. His faith was solely based on God’s promise.

Third, Abraham did not dwell on the limitations of his own body or Sarah’s. Despite their old age, he remained steadfast in God’s promise. We too must focus solely on God’s word and not be moved by anything else.

Finally, Abraham was completely convinced that God would fulfill His promise. If we align our capacity to receive with His promise, the manifestation will surely come. God is faithful to His word. Our role is to increase our capacity to receive while He fulfills His promise. We must stretch our capacities above and beyond our human mind to the spiritual realm.

Remember to spend intimate time with Him while waiting for His promise and promises to come to fruition. May we continue to find favour in His sights in Jesus name.

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