A passionate life is more than a philosophy. It is not a problem-free life and it does not promise wealth or fame. Rather, it is a lifestyle chosen deliberately, designed purposefully, and lived responsibly (Romans 12:6-8).
It is raising the bar on what you intend to accomplish. It is moving through each storm of life without hesitation and arriving in the sunshine wiser and stronger. It is continuously learning, loving, and growing.
A passionate life is a fulfilling life. It allows you to say, “This is important. It is what God has given me to bring to the world, and I’m going to give it everything I have!”
A passionate life means taking full responsibility for your choices, actions, and experiences. It means moving forward from this day without self-imposed limitations, complaints or regrets.
Living a passionate life is living an enthusiastic life. Combining actions and passions will result in enthusiasm. It is easy to share enthusiasm because enthusiasm is contagious.
Share your enthusiasm for life with someone this seventh month of the year and every other day (Colossians 3:27). Remember too, as you start the month, that a passionate life is an inspiring gift that can brighten the world for many generations. Be enthusiastic. Be passionate about the things of God. This way, He will be passionate about you and the things He has committed into your hands. Enjoy the May ride.
– Legzy

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