Pastor & Pastor Mrs Joseph

Communion Keystone Chapel (CKC): A Haven of Faith and Compassion in Woodbridge, Ontario

Nestled amidst the serene city of Woodbridge, Ontario, there stands a sanctuary of unwavering faith and boundless compassion, known as Communion Keystone Chapel (CKC). Founded on May 21st, 2017, CKC is not merely a place of worship but a registered charity and a beacon of hope for the community.

CKC, affiliated with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, proudly bears the nickname “Solution Center.” It has become renowned for its steadfast commitment to being a place of solutions to all manner of life’s challenges. Through the power of prayer, teaching,  spiritual consultation, and counseling, CKC offers solace and guidance to all who seek it.

At the heart of this spiritual haven is the illustrious Senior Pastor, Pastor Sunday Ibitolu Joseph. With a profound faith in Jesus Christ and an innate ability to expound the undiluted word of God through teaching as well as healing and deliverance ministration, Pastor Joseph is the guiding light for CKC’s congregation. His educational journey boasts a postgraduate diploma in Theology from the esteemed Redeemed Bible College, and other certificates from the School of Disciples and Redeemed Leadership Institute. These are academic foundations that fortifies his teachings.

However,  Pastor Joseph’s talents and dedication span beyond the pulpit. He is a true man of multidiscipline, holding a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Mathematics, OSUA, a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Information Technology, and a Masters of Science Degree in Management Practice from York University in Toronto. Despite his full-time role as a Senior Research Analyst with the Government of Ontario, Canada, Pastor Joseph remains wholeheartedly committed to the spiritual growth and well-being of CKC.

Standing beside him is the remarkable Pastor Mrs. Eunice, a woman of immense talent and unwavering faith. A certified teacher by profession, she utilizes her God-given gifts to lead CKC’s women, children, and the choir ministry. Together, they form an unbreakable team with other like minded ministers, nurturing their congregation towards spiritual enlightenment and prosperity.

CKC’s mission transcends the confines of its sanctuary. The church actively engages with the community, conducting outreaches, and extending support to new immigrants and students through the food pantry on monthly basis. Their compassionate ministry reaches out to those in need and uplifts the less privileged, embodying the teachings of love and charity.

As the sun shines over Woodbridge, Communion Keystone Chapel continues to stand as a testament to the power of faith and community. It is more than a place of worship; it is a refuge for the weary, a guiding light for the lost, and a haven for those in search of solutions. Pastor Sunday Ibitolu Joseph, alongside his devoted wife Pastor Mrs. Eunice leads CKC with unwavering dedication, embodying the spirit of hope, faith, and love in the heart of Ontario.