September 2023 – Great Possibilities

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37

Happy new month dearly beloved. Trust you had a wonderful August? It’s the ninth month of the year and the number 9 symbolizes divine completeness or conveys the meaning of finality. It also represents the fruit of God’s Holy Spirit such as faithfulness, gentleness, goodness, joy, kindness, long suffering, love, peace and self-control (Galatians 5:22 – 23). May the God of all possibilities make you fruitful in every good work as you continue to manifest His glory in Jesus mighty name
The above scripture provides hope and comfort to many that may be struggling and asking the question at this time whether there is solution to their case or challenges. Focus on the scripture gives the assurance that your continuous and absolute trust in God will ultimately lead to the desired fruitful or pleasant outcome.
In Luke 1:34 KJV, the Bible says:
“Then said Mary unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?”
The angel of the Lord brought a prophetic word to her but it was too hard for her to believe. The blessing that was to come her way as a result of that prophetic encounter defiled her normal human logical reasoning. Like Mary, this is what happens to many of us. You might have received the prophecy of great and marvellous things happening in your life this year or not too distant future and it’s hard for you to rationalize. Please be reminded of the above anchor scripture, “For with God nothing shall be impossible”
It is the God factor that makes the difference in great possibilities. Take note of the phrase “for with God”. It is either you are in the matter with God or God is in it with you. It is this partnership in life that makes nothing impossible. With men, many things are impossible but not with God. With God, great possibilities are feasible in life and business affairs.
Beloved, I have a question for you at this point. Who is your ally in this matter? Are you in partnership with God in the business of your life? Is God with you in the boat of life?
The disciples had Jesus with them in the boat when the storm that would have submerged them raged. It was beyond the power of the disciples to calm the storm but thankfully Jesus did. With the God of all possibilities in your situation, impossibilities with become possible. Your flourishing, soaring, great manifestations in all walks of life are all possible with God. Likewise your healings, deliverances and miracles. Have faith in God. Mark 11:22b
In this month of September, please make sure you are with God and God is with you in all your ways and endeavours. Let God be the greatest factor in your family, career, business, ministry, health and other life matters. And in case, you haven’t surrendered your life to Him yet; if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, please do so now. Please repent of your sins and turn from your evil ways. Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Once again, happy new month and God bless. May the God of all possibilities meet you at your various point of needs and permanently settle your matters in Jesus mighty name.
Stay blessed.
Pastor Joseph
1-4120 Steeles Avenue West 
Woodbridge ON
L4L 4V2

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